What to Expect When Travelling

Traveling; going from one place to another, visiting another country or city is a fun filled experience of trying out new things, getting that adrenaline rush and living that dream. If you’re a traveling junkie, and your parents or friends or peers cannot stop you from going out and about then here is what you should expect: amazement, inspiration, new experiences, increased levels of creativity and boosted health. While traveling to new places, places you have never been to instill creativity and open-mindedness in the traveler. By interacting with culturally varied people and understanding their views can increase your span of thinking and will help you think out of the box. Also, if you’re a writer of any sort be it novel writer, technical writer, journalist, article writer or poet and are experiencing writer’s block, then one way to overcome it is to go travel! Inspiration can also be expected when traveling. New places, new experiences, new adventures, anything can inspire a person and spark that creativity bulb in you.

Other than that, if you feel that you have lost yourself in the daily routine jobs, then one way of finding yourself back is to go traveling. One usually loses oneself while following busy schedules which occupy your whole day and energy leaving no part of the energy to take care of your inner self (spiritual aura) and outer self (health). Traveling is the finest balm for both, for instance, taking on a mountain hike and meditating while doing so will bring you back healthy and fit while your aura to be baptized and intact.

But expecting mere fun and joyous accounts while doing so is a common misconception people have, whilst packing their bags to go for traveling. Yes, traveling is about fun and adventure and can be enjoyed through and through if the place you’re traveling to is what you’re passionate about. Ever heard the quote:

“Go where your passions take you”

So, traveling to places you’re globally passionate about can, of course, be a cherishing experience but while traveling to even the places you’ve dreamt about one may experience discomfort. And this discomfort can be of any sort such as forgetting or losing your passport, facing a shortage of local cash, losing your baggage, getting lost, unable to work the maps, facing the language barrier and trying to communicate with sign language, getting to eat an unappetizing meal or staying in a worn-out motel. Displeasures through such accounts can be a common thing to people who travel a lot. But if you are traveling for the first time and are about to take onto that expedition you’ve always dreamt about and have high, very high hopes of pleasure in your mind then feel free to save a slot for such unpleasing events as well. But there is no need to get discouraged, because no matter how displeasing these encounters may be, they are a part of that whole traveling experience you desire, so put your seatbelts on and take that adventure you always wanted to take!

Bradley May

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