Why Travelling Makes Us More Creative

Picture a stagnant pond. Have you considered why does a pond goes stagnant? It is because the water of that pond remains in one place; refusing to go meet new waters and thus it goes stagnant i.e. lifeless. Same would the case be with people if they would remain in one place. Now it does not mean that only traveling from one place to another would initiate the creativity spark in a person. Because creativity can be sparked by inspiration from anything be it new places, things, actions or feelings.

A minor change in one’s daily routine, for instance, taking a new route towards home, visiting the local market without the intent of shopping rather than just observing the situation, one can still reap the creativity benefits for oneself. Although traveling towards a whole new place, crossing the national as well as cultural boundaries increases the pool from which inspiration can be grasped and creativity can be reaped.

Consider the outcomes of the first flight which a newly hatched bird is about to take. Other than achieving the ability to get food for itself, doesn’t it widens its horizons by doing so? Making itself more aware of the world? Enabling itself to gain new experiences? Stimulating its thinking capacity? Similarly, when people go to new places, commune with different kinds of people, take into new smells and taste new foods, they are bound to experience some effect on their brain’s cognitive abilities.

Visiting new places, places you’ve never been to before increases the chances of inspiration to a 100%! As, if someone has never visited a place then everything in that place from the local markets to the giant shopping complexes, the historical places to the newly built recreational spots, the local parks to the museum, each place is unknown and unseen to that person. And hence can inspire that person, spark new ideas in his minds, broaden his perspectives, make him more open minded thus lead him towards creativity.

Interacting with different people let alone gives you food for thought, no matter they are from your country or someplace international, as everyone has his/her own perspective. But imagine being able to interact with someone whose set of beliefs’, cultural norms, values, everything differs from that of you except the basic needs which all human share. When two such people communicate with each other in a friendly manner, share their experiences with each other, transfer one’s tacit knowledge with the other, it may trigger the creativity skills of either or both of them. And the same has been proved in the studies of professor and author, Adam Galinsky who is of the view that new and foreign experiences enhance a person’s ability to jump between different ideas as well as the ability to make deep connections between them. Travelling includes vacationing in another country, trying out new experiences, tasting exotic foods, making foreign friends etc. all of which can spark creativity in a person.

Bradley May

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