Great Tips to stop Travel Anxiety

If traveling is your dream and you’d rather spend your vacations traveling to new places instead of being stuck in your room but the only thing stopping you is your fear of travel, then rest assured, you have come to the right place to get rid of it. Follow these simple and easy tips to break free from this psychological cage of anxiety and satisfy that immense portion of wanderlust in you!

Think of your travel expedition as Inevitable:

Going abroad to spend your vacations or traveling for official purposes, think of that travel course as an inevitable thing. Don’t avoid buying your tickets or booking your flights. Don’t even delay your vacation. By doing so, you might increase your chances of travel anxiety. Just act and make your traveling plans certainly.

Keep the purpose behind your travel in your mind:

Refresh your mind with the reason behind why you’re traveling and keep going over that so that your mind doesn’t even find the time to panic and if it does can easily be distracted out of it.

Plan as much as you can:

The fear of not being sure of what you will do after you have arrived at your dream destination can also cause the anxiety to build up. One way to reduce it is to make little checklists of what you will do when you’ll reach or plan your visits for instance what place to visit at what day. This way you will feel some control over the uncontrollable situations your mind is troubling you about.

Create some pattern:

Travelling is all about unplanned and disoriented series of events, as every time the places differ, the activities for that place also differ causing the traveler to feel as he or she has lost control even over his or her own daily activities. This state of feeling can trigger the anxiety attack for a person. One way to avoid this is to create some pattern in the way you spend your day. For instance, wake up to morning yoga or take a run every morning no matter what place or country you are in. Or else spend your evenings with a coffee or tea break in every place you visit. By creating such patterns in your daily activities, one can expect what is to come and feel empowered about the situation, thus reducing the anxiety.

Differentiate between your instincts and suspicions:

Pondering upon suspicions can lead towards anxiety attacks. If you are an anxiety sufferer than your natural instincts are mostly mere suspicions and nothing more. As your mind is prone to think of the worst-case scenario so your gut feeling is necessarily going to be negative and a figment of your imagination.  So, don’t just ignore your instincts. Give yourself some time to think and understand your mind’s condition, think about that gut feeling through and through and with clear and common sense, differentiate whether it is just your imagination or tendency to over think and panic or is it an instinct you must follow.

Bradley May

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