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How to Have the Best Airplane Ride Ever

Whether or not you experience flying anxiety, traveling in an airplane can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and even boring, especially if you’re flying across the country or internationally. But, there are a few things you can do and bring to make sure you have the best airplane ride ever!

  1. Use an Electronic Holder

While most planes have built-in televisions or tablets, games and entertainment are often expensive or unappealing. That’s why most people opt to use their laptop, smartphone, or tablet as a means of entertainment. But, holding your electronic in front of you when you’re extremely close to the person (or people) next to you can be uncomfortable. And what happens if you fall asleep and drop your electronic? That’s why using an electronic holder is extremely beneficial! You can purchase an electronic holder for around $20 on places like Amazon. Most electronic holders made to use on airplanes can be attached by the seat pocket. Then, your electronic will be elevated and secured to the back of the seat in front of you, so you can efficiently watch any show or movie you want to.

  1. Get Creative

When you’re on an airplane, you’re usually in a quiet secluded environment. This environment has been proven to be one of the best environments for creativity. It makes sense. After all, you don’t have many distractions or opportunities to leave the airplane mid-flight. So, pull out a sketchpad, laptop, or journal, and get creative! Not only will you feel fulfilled after letting your creative juices flow for a little bit, but your flight will most likely go by quickly.

  1. Bring Extra Batteries

I couldn’t tell you how many times I was on an airplane when all of a sudden my laptop, smartphone, or other tablet or electronic source died. Then, I was left to stare at the back of the seat in front of me for the rest of the plane ride. No one wants to end up in that situation. So, make sure you bring extra batteries, and portable chargers for things like smartphones and laptops.

  1. Bring a Pillow

It might seem obvious to bring a pillow, but you would be surprised of how many people leave their pillow behind because they think they’ll be fine. I’ve never met someone who was okay with the fact they left their pillow at home when they reflected on their decision once they were on the airplane. If you don’t want to bring your favorite pillow with you, or are afraid about bringing a pillow too big, invest in a travel pillow like the ostrich pillow! One of the benefits of purchasing a travel pillow is the fact the pillow is made to accommodate people who are traveling. Plus, you won’t be too disappointed if you happen to misplace your pillow during your journey.

  1. Boost Your Energy

Do you want to feel refreshed during your flight and get the most out of the time? Then make sure you boost your energy! While you could always drink energy drinks or a typical caffeinated drink, you should opt for something healthy and immune boosting like Emergen-C.


La Puisaye, a hilly region surrounded by ponds here and there, is in north central France. A town full of rich historic artifacts, Moutiers-en-Puisaye is a region of potters too, which is considered as a place good to stroll and to stay. The small town of St Fargeau and its famous castle is the main collection of its paintings and murals.

This cultural heritage fortunately enriched itself in 1982 with the discovery of an important collection of paintings in the parish church St Pierre de Moutiers Dependence of a very ancient priory, of which there are still vestiges in the village. The parish church, dedicated to Saint-Pierre, is located two steps south of the old abbey and was an outbuilding.

A large complex of its size, at first 200 square meters of paintings of different eras were cleared and restored in 1983 but also because it constitutes the only collection of gothic paintings of Romanesque Art. They may not be of exceptional quality, but the ensemble is said to be clear and harmonious and the drawings are found to be elegant and refined in the treatment of the numerous angels with original floral decoration. The choir and the apsidal chapels of the parish preserve paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Moutiers-en-Puisaye Travel Guide

Moutiers-en-Puisaye is a commune living in the Yonne department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, 36km from the department capital, Auxerre in the north-central France. It is a place which is aimed be many tourists when they set out on a journey to visit the most remarkable places of France.

It is a place which is away from the city crowds and the busy mundane lives. It is a rather small village which displays a scene of natural beauty and tranquility of nature. With a total of fewer than 300 residents, it is one of the most peaceful places you’d come across in the entire France.

It is a place with multiple attraction and each one of a total contrast category from the other!

The journey through this commune is guaranteed to be memorable and full of fun and adventure.

Owing to its location, people prefer flying to the Paris Orly or Charles de Gaulle Airports and from there drive their way to the desired location in less than 6 hours. Once you have reached there, it is always advisable to make that place your base camp and then from there move to all the places that connect to it.

You might not be expecting this from such a small village, but it holds name for treating its guests in the fanciest of ways. You would not have any trouble finding a decent guest house or a rest spot nor would you be given any tough time finding satiating food. There are a few places, close to Moutiers-en-Puisaye, known for their natural beauty and greenery. These should be on your must-visit list.

Start of by roaming the roads Moutiers-en-Puisaye itself, ascending then to the wooded landscape valley of Clemency, the Loire River in Briare, witnessing the breathtaking architecture of the town of churches – Auxerre, enjoying your way through the white vineyards of Sancerre, appreciating the ancient hill houses on the peaks of the mountains of Joigny, crossing the several bridges in the town of Montargis and collecting some of the best souvenirs from the gift shops of Vezelay and bringing this heavenly tour to an end in the same peaceful road of Moutiers-en-Puisaye.

It is not only the scene of the area that takes your breath away but also the local markets which are specialized of selling local products made by the villagers themselves. Taking a leave from the huge shopping centers of the big cities and seeking refuge in one of the smallest villages that exist brings a sense of contentment to your heart. It gives you a sense of belonging seeing sky, waters and the green in the purest of their forms!

The place is also known to store cultural heritage in the form of architecture of its churches. It is a blessed place, the one which has several gifts of beauty bestowed upon it. It offers a relatively moderate weather during almost the entire years so the weather would be your friend once you decide to visit and will never give you a tough time. Get a marked map, pack your bags, book the tickets and set out on this enthralling journey.

Because Moutiers-en-Puisaye is calling and you must oblige!

Blending in with the Locals

The key to safe and sound travel journeys is where in taking all the preventive measures it also lies in blending in with the locals at any location. Luckily when it comes to Moutiers-en-Puisay French are easy to blend with once you know where to start. Getting to know the local traditions are any location is especially helpful to understand how the local would behave at different gestures. Sometimes a word may mean one thing in one language or culture and becomes offensive in the other.

Which brings us to the language, if you are travelling to a place try to learn at least the basics beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about finding someone who can translate all the time. It also helps you blend but the most important keys of all is your dressing. French where may be a fashion base for the rest of the world they keep flesh flaunting to a minimum when it really matters. You should be wearing appropriate shoes, ties and clothing at all locations and try to keep yourself from walking into a restaurant wearing your trainers or a t-shirt in a suit. Lastly, being polite is the key, not just in France but across the globe so be polite and as less noisy as you can.

Why Travelling Makes Us More Creative

Picture a stagnant pond. Have you considered why does a pond goes stagnant? It is because the water of that pond remains in one place; refusing to go meet new waters and thus it goes stagnant i.e. lifeless. Same would the case be with people if they would remain in one place. Now it does not mean that only traveling from one place to another would initiate the creativity spark in a person. Because creativity can be sparked by inspiration from anything be it new places, things, actions or feelings.

A minor change in one’s daily routine, for instance, taking a new route towards home, visiting the local market without the intent of shopping rather than just observing the situation, one can still reap the creativity benefits for oneself. Although traveling towards a whole new place, crossing the national as well as cultural boundaries increases the pool from which inspiration can be grasped and creativity can be reaped.

Consider the outcomes of the first flight which a newly hatched bird is about to take. Other than achieving the ability to get food for itself, doesn’t it widens its horizons by doing so? Making itself more aware of the world? Enabling itself to gain new experiences? Stimulating its thinking capacity? Similarly, when people go to new places, commune with different kinds of people, take into new smells and taste new foods, they are bound to experience some effect on their brain’s cognitive abilities.

Visiting new places, places you’ve never been to before increases the chances of inspiration to a 100%! As, if someone has never visited a place then everything in that place from the local markets to the giant shopping complexes, the historical places to the newly built recreational spots, the local parks to the museum, each place is unknown and unseen to that person. And hence can inspire that person, spark new ideas in his minds, broaden his perspectives, make him more open minded thus lead him towards creativity.

Interacting with different people let alone gives you food for thought, no matter they are from your country or someplace international, as everyone has his/her own perspective. But imagine being able to interact with someone whose set of beliefs’, cultural norms, values, everything differs from that of you except the basic needs which all human share. When two such people communicate with each other in a friendly manner, share their experiences with each other, transfer one’s tacit knowledge with the other, it may trigger the creativity skills of either or both of them. And the same has been proved in the studies of professor and author, Adam Galinsky who is of the view that new and foreign experiences enhance a person’s ability to jump between different ideas as well as the ability to make deep connections between them. Travelling includes vacationing in another country, trying out new experiences, tasting exotic foods, making foreign friends etc. all of which can spark creativity in a person.

What to Expect When Travelling

Traveling; going from one place to another, visiting another country or city is a fun filled experience of trying out new things, getting that adrenaline rush and living that dream. If you’re a traveling junkie, and your parents or friends or peers cannot stop you from going out and about then here is what you should expect: amazement, inspiration, new experiences, increased levels of creativity and boosted health. While traveling to new places, places you have never been to instill creativity and open-mindedness in the traveler. By interacting with culturally varied people and understanding their views can increase your span of thinking and will help you think out of the box. Also, if you’re a writer of any sort be it novel writer, technical writer, journalist, article writer or poet and are experiencing writer’s block, then one way to overcome it is to go travel! Inspiration can also be expected when traveling. New places, new experiences, new adventures, anything can inspire a person and spark that creativity bulb in you.

Other than that, if you feel that you have lost yourself in the daily routine jobs, then one way of finding yourself back is to go traveling. One usually loses oneself while following busy schedules which occupy your whole day and energy leaving no part of the energy to take care of your inner self (spiritual aura) and outer self (health). Traveling is the finest balm for both, for instance, taking on a mountain hike and meditating while doing so will bring you back healthy and fit while your aura to be baptized and intact.

But expecting mere fun and joyous accounts while doing so is a common misconception people have, whilst packing their bags to go for traveling. Yes, traveling is about fun and adventure and can be enjoyed through and through if the place you’re traveling to is what you’re passionate about. Ever heard the quote:

“Go where your passions take you”

So, traveling to places you’re globally passionate about can, of course, be a cherishing experience but while traveling to even the places you’ve dreamt about one may experience discomfort. And this discomfort can be of any sort such as forgetting or losing your passport, facing a shortage of local cash, losing your baggage, getting lost, unable to work the maps, facing the language barrier and trying to communicate with sign language, getting to eat an unappetizing meal or staying in a worn-out motel. Displeasures through such accounts can be a common thing to people who travel a lot. But if you are traveling for the first time and are about to take onto that expedition you’ve always dreamt about and have high, very high hopes of pleasure in your mind then feel free to save a slot for such unpleasing events as well. But there is no need to get discouraged, because no matter how displeasing these encounters may be, they are a part of that whole traveling experience you desire, so put your seatbelts on and take that adventure you always wanted to take!

Great Tips to stop Travel Anxiety

If traveling is your dream and you’d rather spend your vacations traveling to new places instead of being stuck in your room but the only thing stopping you is your fear of travel, then rest assured, you have come to the right place to get rid of it. Follow these simple and easy tips to break free from this psychological cage of anxiety and satisfy that immense portion of wanderlust in you!

Think of your travel expedition as Inevitable:

Going abroad to spend your vacations or traveling for official purposes, think of that travel course as an inevitable thing. Don’t avoid buying your tickets or booking your flights. Don’t even delay your vacation. By doing so, you might increase your chances of travel anxiety. Just act and make your traveling plans certainly.

Keep the purpose behind your travel in your mind:

Refresh your mind with the reason behind why you’re traveling and keep going over that so that your mind doesn’t even find the time to panic and if it does can easily be distracted out of it.

Plan as much as you can:

The fear of not being sure of what you will do after you have arrived at your dream destination can also cause the anxiety to build up. One way to reduce it is to make little checklists of what you will do when you’ll reach or plan your visits for instance what place to visit at what day. This way you will feel some control over the uncontrollable situations your mind is troubling you about.

Create some pattern:

Travelling is all about unplanned and disoriented series of events, as every time the places differ, the activities for that place also differ causing the traveler to feel as he or she has lost control even over his or her own daily activities. This state of feeling can trigger the anxiety attack for a person. One way to avoid this is to create some pattern in the way you spend your day. For instance, wake up to morning yoga or take a run every morning no matter what place or country you are in. Or else spend your evenings with a coffee or tea break in every place you visit. By creating such patterns in your daily activities, one can expect what is to come and feel empowered about the situation, thus reducing the anxiety.

Differentiate between your instincts and suspicions:

Pondering upon suspicions can lead towards anxiety attacks. If you are an anxiety sufferer than your natural instincts are mostly mere suspicions and nothing more. As your mind is prone to think of the worst-case scenario so your gut feeling is necessarily going to be negative and a figment of your imagination.  So, don’t just ignore your instincts. Give yourself some time to think and understand your mind’s condition, think about that gut feeling through and through and with clear and common sense, differentiate whether it is just your imagination or tendency to over think and panic or is it an instinct you must follow.

Here’s Why You Must Go on a European Tour Before You Die

Travelling is never too much. Visiting any place will create a different experience for you and that experience can no way be compared with the experience which is gained while visiting another country. But there are places or tours which you must make a part of your travelling bucket list, if you are a travelling junkie. Among such tours, the one which stands out the most is the European tour, offering so much to sight see and do about that it covers the interests of all type of travelers:

  • If you are crazy for ancient buildings, you will find one too many to count in Europe for instance the Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland or the beautiful aqueduct Pont du Gard, France or the ever so famous ruins of Pompeii in Italy and many more.
  • If you travel for food, Europe presents you with so many mouthwatering meals to devour which you can never seem to forget about whether it is the highly regarded cheese of France or the ever so delicious pizzas of Italy or be it the bratwurst of Germany.
  • If scenic beauty is what you long for while travelling, Europe is bestowed with the beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland, the mesmerizing Seven Sisters waterfall in Norway or the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.
  • If you wander about to romantic places only, the Eiffel tower of Paris must be on top of your list.


Europeans are known to celebrate everything and none of those celebrations are to be missed or regretted after being celebrated, creating wonderful opportunities to mingle with the locals and experiencing and living vibrant customs and traditions.

Easy to go About:

A place so rich in culture, historic places, ancient artifacts and not to forget the Renaissance Artwork. Consider the joy when going about these places would be easy and less time-consuming. Yes, the public transport in all of Europe is so accommodating that it enables the visitors to explore all its sights in a short span of time.

Ruins of Europe, hard to miss:

  • Dunluce Castle: Located in the hills of Northern Ireland, has a troubled, medieval history but surely is a treat to watch.
  • Pont Du Gard: One of the living examples of the brilliant Roman engineering and architecture is the aqueduct of Pont du Gard located in France.
  • Roman Forum and the Colosseum: The ruin of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum are one of the most tourist drawing places of Rome. And when you go see them for yourself, you’ll see how it would live up to its name.
  • Pompeii: If you wish to see how life was in Rome in the past, you must visit the result of a volcanic eruption that is ruins of Pompeii.
  • Ogrodzieniec Castle: Located in Poland, the enchanting castle has some haunted background which the locals seem to believe but can be fun to visit.Other than this its medieval frescoes capture the imagination of its visitors to unlimited bounds.

Welcome to Moutiers Puisaye

Feast your eyes on the naturalistic beauty of Puisaye, a town rich with cultural heritage. Quench your thirst for traveling and knowledge about different places in the world by exploring the places few people know about.  We provide you with a vivid description of this rural territory of which your friends wouldn’t have heard or known about. Happy exploring!

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